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Banksy’s latest: Meat truck filled with stuffed animals

The truck, which has the street artist’s 800-number on it, was spotted in Brooklyn during the first week of October The site confirmed that it is, indeed, the work of the now-infamous British satirist. Banksy calls this piece “The Sirens of the Lambs.”

“It was so loud,” a tipster told Gothamist. “Not sure, but I think someone was in the truck banging as if the animals were trying to escape.”

A few days later the truck was touring the Meatpacking District and then it will circulate citywide, according to Banksy’s website. Banksy posted a YouTube video with reactions to the truck. This his his 11th work in a month-long series in New York City.

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Oct 9, 2013
photo booth on Flickr.
Sep 8, 2013

photo booth on Flickr.

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Aulas de tango com Laura Rosa e Daniel Weinman para todos os níveis no Espaço Axis Anima.

Segundas e quartas, ás 20h.

Rua Liberdade 32, Rio Branco, Porto Alegre

All connected on Flickr.
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All connected on Flickr.